Physical Therapy for Pain and Weakness

There is no need to endure those painful joints and muscles. Hands on treatment, education and instruction in home exercise programs, posture and improved work and sports techniques can significantly reduce if not cure your aches and pains.

At Step N' Stone we treat all types of musculo-skeletal pain and weakness. Our expert physical therapists each have extensive experience in providing manual therapy, biomechanics, ergonomics or motor control. Skilled physical therapy involves detailed biomechanical assessment of joint and muscle dysfunction to precisely locate the source of the problem or pain. Treatment aimed at the source of the problem will generally result in rapid improvement and you should feel improvement after most treatment sessions. Our relationships with physicians and patients and record of excellent outcomes demonstrate our continued commitment to patient satisfaction and personalized service.

We do a complete evaluation and customize a program for each patient's individual needs. This evaluation includes a complete history of the patient's problems, an assessment of posture strength and joint mobility, neurological testing, and evaluation of movement patterns and functional activities. The treatment includes:

  • Stretching and joint mobilization to restore normal joint movement.
  • Massage and myofascial release to restore soft tissue mobility.
  • Strengthening through postural exercise, stabilization exercise, strength training, coordination, proprioception, balance and agility exercises.
  • Gait training and sport specific training as needed.
  • Work-related training as needed.
  • Modalities as needed to decrease pain such as electric stimulation, ultrasound, heat and ice.
  • Stretching all tight muscles

Proper assessment and treatment requires specialist physical therapy services. Your doctor can provide you with a prescription for our specialized services.