About Us

  • At Step N' Stone Physical Therapy Solutions, we believe you deserve our 100% focus. We are proud to offer rehabilitation services that are considerably advanced and effective for the treatment of post-operative pain, arthritis, chronic pain, recurrent injuries, vertigo, and difficult to treat back and neck pain. We believe that a synthesis of modern technique and human touch produces optimal results. Once you Step into our clinic you will receive individualized attention from your therapist. They will perform a complete assessment of your problem and develop a program to help reach your goals. This program can include manual therapy, specific modalities and the implementation of specific exercises to develop and maintain your improved mechanics and decreased symptoms.

  • Our mission is to help you reduce your pain restore your function, and teach you to regain control of your life. As you enter our clinic, you will get a feeling that it is something different. We aim to provide a unique environment for your recovery or enhancement of your treatment and fitness goals.Our care is provided in a one-on-one situation to achieve the highest level of care and outcome. We will work closely with the local doctors and the community to provide the highest quality and personal care possible.

  • At Step N' Stone (SnS) the key factor for a patient's relief is their understanding of all the treatment options so they can take a more active role in determining the best course of treatment for them. We strongly believe in educating you about our findings and your treatment plan. We believe you have as much responsibility in your care as we do. We want to supply you with the tools necessary to reach your goals and help get you there every step of the way.

  • If you are interested in utilizing our services it is necessary to obtain a prescription from your physician to insure that SnS Physical Therapy solutions is right for you. Your first appointment will be one hour in length alone with your physical therapist. You should dress comfortably, preferably in shorts and loose fitting T-shirt.

Our Staff

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