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  • Why choose Step N' Stone Physical Therapy?

    Free Screening

    - We offer a free screening to help you better prepare for surgery.
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    We Are Experts

    - In relieving joint and muscle pain after surgery and promoting a fast recovery.

    Scientifically Proven Treatment Options

    - Such as heat, light and E-Stim are designed to achieve superior results for our patients.

    Specialized Manual Stretching

    - Is a fantastic way to normalize painful muscles and joint stiffness. The therapist will use their hands to apply pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate joints to promote pain relief and regain normal flexibility.

    Restore Function Fast

    - Our program will restore function fast so that you can back to doing the things you love such as, walking, sleeping and moving better.

    *Most patients notice results in just one treatment.
    **Complete improvement of symptoms may take up to 2-3 weeks.
  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to help you reduce your pain restore your function, and teach you to regain control of your life. As you enter our clinic, you will get a feeling that it is something different. We aim to provide a unique environment for your recovery or enhancement of your treatment and fitness goals.Our care is provided in a one-on-one situation to achieve the highest level of care and outcome. We will work closely with the local doctors and the community to provide the highest quality and personal care possible.

General Info

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